InstaSurvey (Legacy)

Description of InstaSurvey (Legacy) InstaSurvey makes digital surveys on tablets and smartphones easy and simple to setup, perform and evaluate. Setup surveys and gather hundreds of votes in just a few minutes. IMPORTANTThe brand new remake of InstaSurvey is available now! Find it here, and sign up to a subscription before June 2017 for a significant discount: legacy version will no longer receive updates, but will continue to be available for current users.IMPORTANT We have focused on creating a survey tool that allows you to gather valuable information without burdening your customers. InstaSurvey is that tool and it is praised for its simplicity by the users.With InstaSurvey, surveys can become an integrated part of the experience flow thereby increasing the response rate. An InstaSurvey can be placed at the exit door to collect opinions or carried arround. With only a single voting screen, and no questionnaire pages to flick through, it only takes few seconds to vote! USER RECOMMENDATIONS Søren Poulsen (Special consultant at Aarhus University. SIDeR2013 conference):"It was great to be able to receive instant critique and acclaim to keynotes etc. ….And the reports you get after ended survey are just plain cool! – very executive and boss-friendly :-)" Stine Pedersen (Vice President at Aarhus Sustainability Network. Aarhus Sustainability Festival 2013):"It was easy and straightforward for our guests to evaluate the festival with two presses on the screen, and we can use the results for documentation in our continuing development of the festival." MAIN FEATURES • Votes are gathered and kept offline. • Customizable surveys with templates and preview for easy setup. • Unlimited number of surveys can be stored on your device. • Choose between stars, smileys or thumbs for collecting user opinions in your survey. • View results inside InstaSurvey. • Generate PDF reports and share it via email, Facebook or other applications, or open it directly on your device using a PDF Reader. PRICING MODELInstaSurvey comes with 100 votes, so you can try it out for free! You may create an unlimited number of surveys for free.It is simple to buy votes. Votes can be bought in cheap packages, or you can get a subscription for unlimited votes. To see more, press the gray InstaSurvey icon within the app. ALTERNATIVESSurvey Monkey, QuickTabSurvey and droidSurvey are other apps for offline, kiosk mode surveys, comparable to InstaSurvey. They may be good for extensive surveys but requires a lot of effort from the respondent which results in low response rates. InstaSurvey differs in its simplicity by having everything accessible through the app, and in its unique research method.

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